Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors are perhaps the most widespread type of shower doors. It is natural as they save a significant amount of space and harmoniously fit into any bathroom space. Their main advantage is that when opening they do not take any space in front of shower. Therefore for small bathrooms it is frequently the only reasonable option.  Sliding shower doors are a classics of ergonomics for shower cabins and shower corners. They provide convenient and easy opening, good impermeability and they are user friendly as well. Whether they represent metal framed glass or large drops of a rain on the glass, design of the sliding shower doors will fit any even the most sophisticated taste.

sliding shower doors

The main quality of good sliding shower doors is smooth and silent sliding. Thanks to  the roller mechanism they will slide gracefully and softly. Quality of all materials and accessories is a guarantee of long service of doors. Our company offers only the production we can trust.

Sliding doors can use not only for shower corners but also for the constructions that allow to take a shower in a bathtub. Glass blinds for a bathroom will make showering  more convenient and accurate while reliably protecting surrounding space from water splashes. Sliding shower doors demonstrated all the advantages they have in front of textile curtains long time ago.

Are sliding shower doors more suitable for corners or for niches? Sliding shower doors is a universal option that will be suitable both for corners and for niches. For doors in a niche such a principle of doors opening is used in most of the cases.

What should you pay attention on? First of all, on accessories as smoothness of opening and durability depends on castors and a yard on which they will move. Pay attention that both castors and a yard are of high quality. It is the weakest place of sliding doors construction. Our professionals will create and install sliding shower doors that will serve you very long.

Secondly you have to pay attention on material the door is made from. No doubt that glass is the best material for sliding shower doors. Glass promptly pushes all competitors out of the market. Such situation can be easily explained by superior characteristics of the material.

Can my bathroom accommodate a sliding shower door? Even if the shower niche size is not standard we will perform all the necessary measurements and create a custom project that will fit in your bathroom. Contact our managers, they will help you to find a proper solution of any problem!