Sliding Shower Door

A sliding door, that is also called a bypass door or just a slider, hangs from an overhead track and moves sideways to open. A track beneath the door helps keep it in line. Such an option is very popular in tri-state area: space-saving problem is very actual when every square feet costs you an arm and a leg. Having a sliding door will prevent you from having «a dead space» that you normally need to open a regular door. Manhattan is famous for having the tiniest bathrooms you have ever seen in your life. What could be better than a sliding shower door in such a limited space?  sliding shower doors new york

Think sliding doors should lead only outside? Think again: sliding doors are not only coming in clever shapes, colors and styles, but they’re also proving themselves a savvy design icon inside of your bathroom. The best is that they are made of glass which makes cleaning your shower as easy as it has never been before. Sliding panels would work well in contemporary design of your Manhattan apartment, where the frosted glass look is reminiscent of shower doors. Play with color – order a canary yellow or emerald green glass sliding door for the bathroom in your residential house somewhere in Staten Island. Do you think there is an artist sleeping deep inside you for all this years? Free your mind, finish an imprisonment of your imagination – draw a sketch of anything you want to see every day on your shower doors while taking a shower, and we will help you to realize your project! New York City is a place where unordinary people live – lets prove it together!

When in doubt, take the sliding door all the way to the ceiling. This way, it looks almost like if it does not exist. It actually begs the question Is there actually something behind there? Or is it just a very unique wall piece?. Guarantee this happens. If you really want your sliding door to get lost in the décor when its open, choose a transparent material. That way, you can close the door and separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom, but when its open, its as if it a door never even materialized. Frosted sliding glass doors on the contrary provide privacy when you are taking a shower and bath while still allowing other members of household to use the bathroom. Isnt it useful in case you live with your partner or family in an apartment with only one bathroom? No more early morning argues about who has to run to work the first.

Own a loft in Meatpacking district of Manhattan or in Dumbo in Brooklyn is great, but what if you have a funky ceiling that wont allow for the typical tracking device? Have no fear: youre not the first! The mid-door tracking can be the perfect solution, and you can choose a finish that actually matches the look and feel of the bathroom.

In the past, sliding doors earned a reputation for being dangerous because they were not always installed using safety glass. Today, however, this has all changed – homeowners can now get sliding doors with shatterproof safety glass. Our professionals would not only help to plan your bathroom space, but also discuss with you all the possible makeovers and install the sliding shower door system respecting your deadlines.