Corner Shower Door

Frameless Standing Glass Shower Doors

As an impressive abundance of space is a very rare advantage of modern bathrooms, the space has to be open living the feeling of fluidity and flow. Modern designers have an almost impossible task to engage a lot of decor elements such as decorative tile, bath fixtures, tube and shower, and of course vanities. Traditional shower doors carry hard lines and have very heavy frames that does not help to create an airy space. Such elements play against esthetics creating closed and dark spaces.
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Types of Mirrors

Bright, colorful and reliable, with safety guarantee for 20 years, eco-friendly and safe: modern color mirrors with exclusive design have all of these features. They are manufactured using a mass tinted glass. Thus, it is possible to create a product that engage excellent performance and attractive appearance. Colored mirrors reflect an image without distortion, with high accuracy. They also demonstrate an increased level of resistance to acids and humidity.
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Types of Frameless Shower Doors

If you want to add elegance to your bathroom, but you cannot afford a complete renovation, you should consider installing a glass shower door. However, before you decide to install it, there are a few things you should know about. Many people are afraid to install glass in a bathroom. Everyone dropped a piece of glass or a bottle at least once in their life, and watched as it shattered on the floor. One can think that glass shower doors will be also just as easy to break.

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Affordable Shower Cabin

Glass shower cabins gain popularity. One of the reasons for that is that you save the water (which brings your utilities payments very much down). Another one is a lack of time for bathing frequently: this one is more than acute in New York where time is money. The final reason is that the shower cabin has to be small as modern bathrooms of a Big Apple are not strikingly huge. Base of the shower cabin can be made from plastic or metal with an anticorrosive covering, and the shower doors are made from glass.
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Frameless Glass Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors are perhaps the most widespread type of shower doors. It is natural as they save a significant amount of space and harmoniously fit into any bathroom space. Their main advantage is that when opening they do not take any space in front of shower. Therefore for small bathrooms it is frequently the only reasonable option.  Sliding shower doors are a classics of ergonomics for shower cabins and shower corners.

Advantages of Glass Shower Doors

Even though glass shower doors are less cheap than plastic doors, they have a number of advantages. They are reliable and strong. If shower doors are made from reliable tempered glass or from glass triplex that are steady against moisture, temperature drops and mechanical damages. Combining different materials and finishings will allow you to reduce the costs and make a project cheaper.
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Sliding Shower Doors For Tight Bathroom.

If your bathroom is getting tight sliding shower doors are the first choice. The sliding door is easy to push away to the side. It will solve the problem of space that every Brooklinyte has independent whether he lives in classic brownstone or in a modern Dumbo apartment.  Multiple options of sliding glass shower doors are available for the order. This type of the doors consists of two elements: a frame (or fixtures) and a glass element. All other details – color, structure and shape – can be modified depending on your taste and budget. 

Sliding Shower Doors in New York

Yearly increasing word population caused considerable reduction of living space. It  is especially noticeable in a bathroom where the toilet bowl and a bathtub now  have to be installed really close by. To expand free space a little bit and make a use of a bathroom more convenient people started to install shower cabins. Very often they are installed in a corner and do not occupy a lot of space. The best decision which will not only solve a security problem but also will save a significant amount of place are the sliding shower doors.
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Sliding Glass Shower Doors

A sliding door, that is also called a bypass door or just a slider, hangs from an overhead track and moves sideways to open. A track beneath the door helps keep it in line. Such an option is very popular in tri-state area: space-saving problem is very actual when every square feet costs you an arm and a leg. Having a sliding door will prevent you from having «a dead space» that you normally need to open a regular door.