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Sliding Frameless Shower Doors

many problems do we solve while renovating the bathroom? Probably, each of you will be able to name at least ten. Perhaps one of the most important is the choice of shower doors. After all, it helps us not only to protect the the shower cabin from guest’s eyes, but also supports the design idea which will help to make a room interior even more functional and convenient. Sliding doors in a bathroom will help to solve a problem of the small areas and to save space. Their advantage is not only being compact, but in an opportunity to create the unique design of your dreams.
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Steam Shower Doors

Steam showers are today equivalent to the steam baths of ancient Rome and the traditional Finnish saunas. If you want to improve the quality of your daily life you have to Incorporate steam into your shower renovation or new-build bathroom. All the long way from Ancient Rome and Greece to modern spas in the heart of Manhattan people have used steam to heal their souls and what is ore important in the present crazy city rhyme to simply relax and socialize. Historically, wet steam baths have been used for cleansing, relaxation, detoxification and as social activity.
Shower Door Repair

Shower Door Repair in New York, New Jersey.

If installation of a shower cabin was performed professionally, purely mechanical problems that cause a need in repair of this shower doors arise not earlier than after some years of intensive operation. But it often happens that the shower cabin fails after a year of operation. In other words there is a breakage of a shower door causing the leakages and failure to function properly. What would you do in this case?
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Frameless Shower Doors

We can offer you frameless shower doors for any property and any design. Thanks to the wide variety of models available it is possible to find a solution to fulfill anuone's needs and wishes. Frameless shower doors can be opened inwards and outwards which represents a perfect solution for small spaces as well as for large showers. They can be made of tempered safety glass that will secure that even in the case of damage nobody will be hurt.
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Frameless Shower Doors

If you want to refine the look of your bathroom the best way to do this is to install a beautiful shower door. A shower door is way more graceful and practical than a shower curtain. It is not only stylish but also practical as it plays a role of waterproof fence that prevents water leakages. With a shower curtain it will be the same old story of leaks, constant clean ups and finally damaging of your bathroom equipment by mold. We offer you a large choice of frameless shower doors in a variety of styles.
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Shower Doors and Enclosures

Very often bathrooms cannot offer a lot of room, especially in New York, where every square feet of the flat is pushing you out of your budget. Even buying a flat or a house in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan or Staten Island that was famous for being affordable for a very long time, you will probably have to bid. To release some space without spending even more money many people are coming to the decision to replace a bathtub with a shower cabin.
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Shower Door Installation

Few people install bathtubs nowadays. It takes a lot of place, it is not hygienic, it is constantly soiled, and it needs a lot of water. Besides this the use of bathtubs is not expedient at all as they can be replaced with the spacious shower. Today shower means a special place with all the necessary infrastructure starting from the system of hot and cold water supply and finishing with the sewerage in a floor that disturbs nobody.
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It does not matter where you need to place a mirror, it is the best way to make space look bigger, bring some air and open up a room due to the light reflection. Amazing properties of the mirror were revealed long time ago. Mirrors are well known as being one of the best elements for decoration in any interior style, many design books tend to call them «decorator’s best friend». There is a very good reason behind it as they not only bring a lot of air, but also help to bring your design ideas to life.

Glass Partitions

A glass partition is a multipurpose solution for any kinds of rooms. Glass partitions are used not only to divide a room into parts, but to make full use of the natural light. The latest technologies of glass processing allow to produce partitions that vary in size, color and decoration. When it comes to dividing a room into 2 or more sections, glass partitions appear to be a modern solution that is both affordable and easy to install.
Types Of Glass

Glass Processing

Working with glass is not an easy matter. It takes years to get the necessary experience and become an expert at manufacturing glass items. At Glass Factory NYC we have a team of experienced craftsmen who are capable to fulfill any design ideas. Our production line is equipped with modern tools that allow us to carry out all kinds of cutting, drilling, faceting etc.