Bathroom with Glass Shower

As an impressive abundance of space is a very rare advantage of modern bathrooms, the space has to be open living the feeling of fluidity and flow. Modern designers have an almost impossible task to engage a lot of decor elements such as decorative tile, bath fixtures, tube and shower, and of course vanities. Traditional shower doors carry hard lines and have very heavy frames that does not help to create an airy space. Such elements play against esthetics creating closed and dark spaces. Frameless glass shower doors vice versa helps to create an open, clear space that will easily fit the most popular nowadays contemporary design as well as any other design of your choice.

Corner Shower Door

Frameless glass shower door is made completely of glass. This type of doors is universally swinging open and slamming as they do not need any frames to support their weight. They can be installed as a part of a frameless glass shower or separate showering zone from the rest of the bathroom. An absence of a heavy frame inspires a lot of homeowners for a modern contemporary design.

The most amazing feature of these doors is that they are almost invisible: you cannot really see them, but they still function as a space divider and protect from water leakage. Small flats and constant lack of space make customers to look for a practical solution trying to make space feel more open. Frameless shower doors do not take even an inch from your space as they are hardly noticeable. Any other construction inclusive conservative shower door will steal a significant part of your space, and frameless shower door is helping to solve this problem.

While planning a design of your bathroom takes a lot of time you can get really upset when those amazing and expensive tiles you chose are closed with a door. In case you will install a frameless shower door your tiles will always be on display. It is not only an esthetic benefit, but also will increase a selling price of your house in case you will decide to move.

Frameless shower doors are also incredibly safe even in case if the edges are not hidden under frame. Edges of the frameless construction are sandpapered or filed down eliminating all the sharpness from the surface and making it smooth. Even if you have a dog or a kid they cannot hurt themselves as it is impossible to cut with such an edge, and glass itself is tempered so that it is almost impossible to break it.

After you finished renovation of your bathroom and all those amazing fixtures and tiles or marble are installed, you can call us and we will make sure that you will get our best specialists to install a frameless shower door construction. They will take all the necessary measurements and make sure that the door is produced and installed properly. Our work is performed in order with all the standards, so you can be sure that no leakage happen. Therefore your house will be protected from water damage, mold and other similar problems.

Overall glass shower doors combine both simplicity and purity, they are safe and very practical. You are one call away from the best solution for your bathroom! (347) 372 86 35

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