Glass Partitions

A glass partition is a multipurpose solution for any kinds of rooms. Glass partitions are used not only to divide a room into parts, but to make full use of the natural light. The latest technologies of glass processing allow to produce partitions that vary in size, color and decoration.

Here are the advantages of glass partitions:

  • Transparent. Glass partitions allow the sunlight to spread freely across the room, and you can save electricity.
  • Mobile. You can reorganize or remove your partitions if needed. As for plasterboard walls and other kinds of partitions, you will have to demount it.
  • Ready-to-go. A partition comes out 100% ready for installation. No additional decoration or painting is required.
  • No debris. The installation process is “clean”, there are almost no sweepings.
  • Safe. Hardened glass withstands high loads, and laminated glass is safe even if broken. The film keeps all bits and pieces together so that nobody would hurt oneself with the sharp edges.
  • A wide range of design options. Modern technologies allow to decorate the glass surface in many ways, e.g. printing, sandblasting, coloring, fusing etc.

The types of partitions

There are different types of partitions. Each of them fits into a certain interior.

Frameless partitions

These are pieces of glass with smooth polished edges. They can be custom made to fit any shape and size. To produce frameless partitions, we use a single layer safety glass.

Aluminum framed partitions

They are more expensive, but they also provide a better soundproofing. The aluminum frame comes in different colors. The partition itself consists of 2 glass panels with a PVC film between them. The double layered glass is more shockproof than the single layered. It doesn’t break into shattered pieces, because the film holds the pieces together.

All-glass partitions

These are affordable solutions for small rooms. All-glass items are easy to install, and they come in a variety of colors and shapes.

Mobile partitions

Sliding doors and partitions are both convenient and stylish. The glass panels slide on metal rails and offer a scope of smart solutions for homes and offices. These constructions are easy to install and remove.


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