Glass Stair Railing. Project in Long Island, Belmore, NY, 11710.


1/2 thickness. Clear tempered glass. Polished Edges.

Total high – 38″.

4 glass panels (42″, 46″, 46″, 80″).

Installation by clips and windscreen clamps.

Lead time 14 business days.

Cost of project: $4400 including appointments, consultations, delivery and installation.


  1. Appointment and discussion about details on the job side.
  2. To sign a contract and make a deposit.
  3. To make wooden template for stairs (some projects require that step some of them no).
  4. To produce glass.
  5. To deliver and install.
  6. To check our work and pay balance.

Hardwares that we used

Windscreen Clamp

windscreen clamp

Traditional Clamp


Cap Rail Corner 

cap rail corner



Images and video step by step

1) Appointment and discussion on the job side

Glass Stair Railing
Glass Railing

2) Wooden template

Glass Installation

3) Glass installation

4) Completion of project

glass stair case long island
glass stair railing long island
glass stair railing new york