Shower Cabin

Glass shower cabins gain popularity. One of the reasons for that is that you save the water (which brings your utilities payments very much down). Another one is a lack of time for bathing frequently: this one is more than acute in New York where time is money. The final reason is that the shower cabin has to be small as modern bathrooms of a Big Apple are not strikingly huge.

glass frameless shower door

Base of the shower cabin can be made from plastic or metal with an anticorrosive covering, and the shower doors are made from glass. This is a perfect combination of materials and constructions. Sounds like a big and expensive project? Its actually not the case: our specialists will create custom fitting shower doors that would be so cheap that sou would not believe it!


Every bathroom is different, every shower cabin or bathtub is different. So, why should you install a commercial shower cabin that would only increase the expense on your project? Most of the people think that designing custom showering area has to be expensive. We have a surprise for you: if buying a property in New York has already put you on a tight budget than creating a project together with us will be not only fun and entertaining experience but also save you a lot of money. Opportunity to hand peak all the details of the construction and accessories and to custom cut larger pieces of glass makes a project a way cheaper option.


Depending on the size of a shower glass shower doors with one or two shutters can be produced and installed. The most widespread principle of shower door opening is oar. However in case of a double-wing design and bigger sizes of a cabin the sliding principle will be much more convenient option. Such mechanism is also used in case of the rounded cabin. As the shutter has to slide having the second shutter will increase the costs a tiny little bit. You have to take this small detail into account when creating a project together with our specialist. Having only one shutter will be a cheaper option.


While technical options of doors are limited to construction ergonomics design options have no limits. As you live in New York, a fashion capital of the world, you want everything in your apartment to be stylish. And of course you want this style to fit your budget. Real estate prices nowadays are so high that not a lot of people can afford expensive renovations to be done. If this is your case custom shower doors project is a perfect decision for you: it will add your bathroom an individual touch while costs are staying pretty cheap. We can offer you glass shower doors with various surface finishing (for example art matting) and with various accessories. A


Are you still in doubts? Our professionals will come to your apartment and perform all the necessary measurements. You can work on the design of your future perfect bathroom together with us. After that we will cut the glass that it will perfectly fit your project and install it securely the way that it would serve you for years. Not enough for you? Here is your bonus: we do it for cheap!

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