Sliding Shower Doors in New York

Yearly increasing word population caused considerable reduction of living space. It  is especially noticeable in a bathroom where the toilet bowl and a bathtub now  have to be installed really close by. To expand free space a little bit and make a use of a bathroom more convenient people started to install shower cabins. Very often they are installed in a corner and do not occupy a lot of space. The best decision which will not only solve a security problem but also will save a significant amount of place are the sliding shower doors. Why? Because their design is simple, materials applied to produce them are harmless, and of course it saves a lot of room.

Materials and design of sliding shower doors differ a lot. They depend on the size of a shower cabin and preferences of an owner.  Any shower booth is a limited site of the room whether it is in a niche or it is just sliding. Walls of the room or doors can be situated on the sides.

The sliding doors of the following types exist:

  • the two-section;
  • the three-section;
  • the four-section.


Two-section sliding shower doors are most often installed in the cabins inserted into a niche. Three-section sliding shower doors for a cabin consist of  three elements. In this case either one part or all three parts can be mobile. Four-section sliding doors are installed in a shower niche or attached directly to a floor. Any part of this construction can be mobile.

Modern industry offers buyers various options of finishing for transparent doors.One should know that glass shower walls for niche cabins or cabins attached directly to a floor allow a lot of light into shower cabin.

The following types of opaque glass are used in production of sliding shower doors:

  • glass with an opaque surface that is produced with the help of special processing with a sanding device; also chemicals can be applied;
  • tinted glass that can be painted in any color;
  • glass with patterns that consists of the repeating motives all over;
  • the glass made  a method of alloying  ceramic paint with basic one.

A lot of people prefer opaque glass in their shower cabins and glass shower doors. It is very practical and esthetically beneficial. Especially, if there are several people living in the apartment.

Sliding glass shower doors can be also decorated with special stickers that are steady to the increased humidity, various paints on glass, etc. You can even place a footprint on the door! All this become a part of unique design of your bathroom.

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