If you want to add elegance to your bathroom, but you cannot afford a complete renovation, you should consider installing a glass shower door. However, before you decide to install it, there are a few things you should know about.

Many people are afraid to install glass in a bathroom. Everyone dropped a piece of glass or a bottle at least once in their life, and watched as it shattered on the floor. One can think that glass shower doors will be also just as easy to break. Unlike household glass objects glass shower doors are a subject to heat treatment, which gives them extraordinary strength and safety. Keep in mind that glass shower doors are heavy. This is important to know if you plan to install them yourself.

Frameless showers are perfectly suitable for a a modern bathroom design. Unlike traditional framed constructions, frameless shower made entirely of glass panels that  are connected with metal connectors.

Frameless shower designs require less power for cleaning and maintenance.

Common problems of all frame showers are moisture and dirt between a frame and glass that cause formation of mold, fungus, and lime scale. Frameless showers solve this problem, smooth glass surface prevents appearance of dirt. Cleaning such a construction is also much easier, and requires only few wipes with water and glass cleaners.

Transparent walls

Many house owners decide to install a finished shower, after finishing tiling. However, for most people it is a waste of money since a large portion of expensive and beautiful tiles on the wall is closed with a plastic shower. Frameless showers do not overlap wall sections and do not violate the integrity of the building.

More design options

Specialists of “Glass Factory NYC INC” will help to select an optimal design of a glass shower, and offer a variety of glass and accessories to use for your project.


Simplicity and elegance of frameless sliding glass shower doors can become a unique part of any bathroom design. If you want to make your bathroom modern, attractive frameless sliding shower doors are an excellent choice, as they are practical and durable. Frameless glazing gives depth, light and a feeling of freedom and space to a bathroom. With our frameless sliding technology you will feel like a real designer. Your ambitious ideas will not be limited by anything. Stylish frameless sliding shower design provide continuity and integrity of aesthetic space to a bathroom design.

Frameless sliding shower doors are made exclusively for you, using your measurements and design. You are no longer limited by suggested designs or standard sizes. Individually made frameless sliding shower doors allow efficient use of space in a bathroom. One of the main advantages of custom-made frameless sliding shower doors is that they are  a customized solution for any bathroom.

Frameless sliding shower doors not only look fantastic, but are also easy to clean and to keep shiny. You can erase water and dirt from a glass slide easily without leaving traces. There are no frames around glass, so it never accumulates dirt, mold or bacteria.

The design of a shower door usually consists of one or two movable glass walls. Frameless sliding shower doors are highly functional as they are made from thick tempered glass, that does not scratch, and is very resistible to damages. The glass can be both flat and curved. You can use different types of glass: clear as well as tinted, smooth or textured. You also can order matte glass, which will provide with more privacy. Any image of your taste can be as well applied on the glass: it can be a picture of customer’s choice, or any from an album of standard drawings, patterns and vignettes. It is possible to use any other kinds of decorative glass, even one of individual design. Your bathroom will be the one and only!

Fittings for frameless sliding shower enclosures are connectors that secure the glass to the floor and walls, hinges and handles. They are all made of polished stainless steel. If necessary, shelves for supplies can be mounted directly on the glass. There is a wide range of translucent seals to isolate compounds of glass, attach glass to the wall and the floor, and connect door wings with locking magnetic stripe. This allows to eliminate the likelihood of water leaking on your bathroom floor.



10 years ago no one would have thought that there will be an alternative to cheap boring bath screens made from polyethylene. However, there is a huge progress in this area now. Designers developed sophisticated bathroom accessories that allow consumers to feel more comfortable when taking shower or bathing. One of the latest advancements in production of these accessories is a bathtub shower door. Now even if you cannot afford a full shower or shower cabin with tray, you can equip your bathroom with a stylish and elegant glass or bathtub shower door.

Types of bathtub shower doors

Glass bathtub or shower door does not need to be hung, it is attached in a totally different way in a niche or corner. Such doors come in several forms. One of these bathtub shower doors represents a cover for a bathroom, that isolates a bath, while attached to a wall of a common room. This design is fixed to the floor, thereby creating an illusion of a single wall or screen. This option is an ideal solution for hi-tech bathrooms. However there are also more compact versions of a glass curtain for the bathroom, which can be attached to the side of a bath.

The following types of bathtub shower door exist:

– Sliding doors. This type of bathtub shower door is perfect for a small bathroom. They fit ergonomically into any interior, allowing owners to complement a bathroom.

– Folding doors. This type of bathtub shower door is the most luxurious. Typically, it is handled and fastened with a chrome-plated metal profile. This construction is a perfect fit for a spacious bathroom.

– Static glass doors. These bathtub shower doors represent a partition that completely separates a bathroom space.

Function bathtub shower doors for a bathroom

Main functions of a modern bathroom bathtub shower doors is a protection of furniture, walls, and floor from water splashing out of a bathtub or a shower. It can be an embodiment of a single design idea as an integral element of bathroom design

Selecting a door for your bath

Choosing a bathtub shower door to your bathroom, you should certainly focus on your financial opportunities. You can buy plastic curtains or glass doors. Glass doors look more beautiful and elegant, but they are more expensive than plastic. Plastic curtains are more affordable. However, they are used for many years and therefore can look boring. If you want to create an unrivaled bathroom interior then your choice should stop on bathtub shower doors. Bathtub shower doors for baths are made from polycarbonate plastic and tempered glass, therefore they are resistant to shock.

If you want to order real bathtub shower doors that differ not only in gorgeous and varied design, but also are of an impeccable quality, then you have come to a right place. Please contact our consultants, and we will always be happy to help.



This type of glass is also used in an interior of a bathroom. Generally, glass in an interior of a bathroom, makes it possible to bring a lot o

f light and air to a room as well as it makes it aesthetically looking. There is a big number of variations of colors, sizes, shapes and confi

gurations. The edges of such elements can be flat, wavy, or beveled. Glass can also be transparent, frosted, or having a rough surface.

We will create frameless glazing bath unit that suit your individual size. Your bathroom will be beautiful.

We only use safe glass, laminated glass and high-quality fittings.



Bathroom is a very special room in an apartment. You can relax in a bathtub after work, and recharge your organism in the morning. Therefore, a bathroom, regardless of its size, should be comfortable and functional. Here is your bathroom interior: exquisite terracotta or photo tiles, functional and capacious bathroom shelves, comfortable tub… What is missing here? Of course shower curtain, that will not allow water to spray water on the floor while you are taking a shower. If your imagination drew a cheap plastic curtain, deep this idea immediately. The last word in fashion accessories are fixed splash guards.

Fixed splash guards

Fixed splash guards for a bath have many advantages, that are: water resistance, perfect style, reliability, durability and long life.

Glass curtain for a bathroom can be a mobile or a fixed structure made from tempered, tinted or frosted glass with thickness up to 8mm. This glass is shock safe, and its quality is comparable to a car windshield. Even if glass will break, it will not hurt anyone as broken pieces will be smooth.

Fixed splash guards for the bathroom make cleaning very simple: dirt can be easily removed with a rubber brush and any glass cleaner. After cleaning there will be no stains on a glass, as it is protected with an antibacterial coating.

Experimenting with design of glass curtain for a bathroom

Glass curtain today is not only reliable protection of your bathroom from water and mold, but also a wonderful element of decor. The fixed splash guards can complement to a variety of patterns and designs, add lighting, play on a contrast of textures. They can be decorated with mosaic, put on a frosted glass cover, etc.



You set a beautiful and elegant door to your bath. You really liked it. But a disaster happened – glass broke, leakage happened.

Our experts will help you with this problem.


  • repair shower-doors
  • consult you briefly upon your problem
  • make all necessary measurements
  • inform you about costs and period of repair

We perform following types of repair:

  • replacement of the glass panel
  • replacement of joints
  • replacement of all constructions
  • modernization of a construction
  • replacement of accessories

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Glass backsplash have a serial number of applications. They are highly durable so they can stand up everyday wear and tear. Glass backsplashes are also very easy to clean. They can be ordered  in a variety of colors to suit to any style of interior design.

glass backsplash for kitchen

Typical places where you could use glass backsplash are kitchen, wet areas in a bathroom or shower, residential wall.

We suggest you to order:

Kitchen backsplash

Bathtub backsplash

Vanity backsplash

Kitchen island backsplash